Sunday, March 8, 2009

Working on new bracelet design and finished 3 old projects

Since I wasn't to pleased with the clasps I made, I decided to rethink my bracelet design and create something that could just be slipped over the hand...easier to put on, secure and no clasp to irritate the skin, for those sensitive to that sort of thing, (me) .

It probably would have been faster and more efficient to have wet felted thees, but I still don't know how to do this and so I needle felted them . I wouldn't recommend that for anyone who is limited in time as it takes forever to needle felt a "rope strand" with loose fibers. I don't know if anyone will like them but they feel really soft an comfortable and I like the organic appearance .

Well, I think these are finished but chances are, I will end up adding a few more accessories and a bit of bling to the girl . She still seems to be missing "something" . I added some fuzzy needle felted boots and a more colorful belt and bit of color to her scarf but she still just doesn't "sparkle" .

Strawberry fairy has earned her wings but the next berryfairy will be accented with some beads for seeds...adding those tiny felt seeds took forever . I also can't decide if I want to add a bit more fluff to the alpaca or after shearing look . The problem with adding loosely felted fur to the animals is....will it start to felt up when it is packaged and mailed ? I also need to figure out how to package them for the Shepherd's Harvest festival so they are easy to transport and wont get "fuzzy" being carried around in a box or bag ....delima . Perhaps some expert felters at the show will have some advice for me .


  1. Thanks Granny ! They are really comfortable and something I would wear myself, just dont know how others will feel about "yarn" jewelry,lol.



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