Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sinister Peacock Easter egg babies

I have a true weakness for fuzzy baby critters . The peacock baby is needle felted from some beautiful fiber I just got from Cooperpot on Etsy....I am so in love with her color blends and couldn't resist using some the day I got them . Count on some more peacock related items s those are some of my favorite colors .
The little beaver started life as an alpaca but told me he felt more beaverish so is a bit of both . Made from some lovely alpaca fiber from Northstar Alpaca Fibers on Etsy, ( which is perfect for making more natural colored critters .)
Off to do some needle felting and wondering who will decide to pop out of an egg tonight .


  1. Oh my goodness. Your hatchlings emerging from their shells would be great for any season, any day. Oh my, don't don't know which of your things to love more, the hatchlings, the furbies, or the dolls.

    Then again also love your jewelry. Am struggling with sending the pendant I bought and had DH make a kumihimo cord for it on to my sister. Am wanting it for myself. And by golly, do believe will be keeping it. Sometimes one needs to be good to themselves too. Plus already sent sister some of Knotallthat's handspun yarn. So maybe a little something special for me too is OK.

    Look forward each day to see what might appear on your blog. It is always enjoyable.

  2. Thanks so much Jane . No one in my family seems to have any interest in what I do, so it's wonderful to have someone to share it with .



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