Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Needle felted American Badger and a few other tiny animals

 It's been a rough couple of weeks since I last posted . Although the therapy for the back and arm pain have not been a waste, I am still having arm weakness that makes felting difficult . I would say my productivity has dropped drastically (for me) .
 This past week off, I did manage to make 3 smaller critters, but I can generally knock off two mediums and a large in the same space of full time felting . It's very frustrating and having to continually stop to rest my arm ruins the wonderful rhythm of felting . 
 However, It has been good practice trying to work smaller and still retain the detail of my larger animals
 Above and below is another attempt to make a "real" animal . I spent some time googeling pictures of North American Badgers (there are several different types of badgers). I liked the idea of having black and white strips but it turned out harder to keep the strips from blending then I had realized .
 I ended up having to redo the face because my black and white ended up mixing to much, which may account for the project taking all last week . I still have to add claws and bought some FEMO but haven't gotten around to making them yet . Badgers have some really long , non-retractable claws for digging .
 I also did refurring of two of my older critters below . I added a layer of white Bamboo to the (lame) attempt at a polar bear cub and then reverse felted a nice long "fur" but it still doesn't look like a polar bear cub . Luckily, the other guy is just one of my imaginary animals so I don't have to be reminded of how much it doesn't look like whatever I wanted it to look like . I don't know why I keep attempting to make real animals when I end up just feeling disappointed .
One thing I am never disappointed in is how adorable my cat MAX is . It's so cool to know that I can make myself smile just by turning my head to look at him .

Hope everyone in Northern Hemisphere is enjoying the official beginning of spring . Happy felting .

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Fools Day car accident but still needle felting....slowly

 Firstly, I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday . I know that handmade and mass produced are considered incompatible but I think life is more complicated then that . Although I encourage everyone to support artist creating one of a kind items, I also believe that people in other countries deserve jobs as well . I bought 50 of these little lambs as an "accent" for some of my larger animals who need their own "comfort animal" to cuddle on their trip through the mail .

Below is my only new animal for the past 2 weeks .

 I am still spending most of my time re-vamping some of my older animals . I have replaced many of the eyes with bigger, better eyes and spent hours reverse felting them to give that fuzzy surface .The following are animals from the past few years of felting . It has helped me learn a lot more about how the different base fibers look when reverse felted .
 The alpaca and mohair give the best hairy look for the larger and medium animals . Merino is much shorter and softer and feels more like velvet .

Most of the above were done before my car accident....(I was rear-ended by a drunk driver on April Fools night) . Since the accident, I have had some trouble finding a position to sit in that doesn't hurt my back but I started chiro and will start physical therapy soon . I don't plan on giving up felting but it may take awhile before I get back up to full felting speed .In the mean time, I will just try and be patient and rest between felting...instead of my usual 5 hours without a break .

Happy felting .


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