Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just spent 6 hours trying to create a slide show and this is all I got ???

OK...I'm the first to admit that I am not computer literate. I got my first computer about 3 years ago and spent the first two years doing little more then loading music and pictures to my ipod, chatting on Wrong Planet. com(great place to learn about Aspergers and meet cool people) . I have tried my hand at selling my creations on Etsy but with little success and was constantly asking myself the stuff I make just to "weird" or is it my lack of business sense and primitive computer skills "the problem" . I'm hoping it is the latter and hope to find out at Shepherds first craft show . Of course, being human with a strong sense of ego preservation and a stronger need to create.....even if I sell nothing I will probably just blame it on the economy .

More on topic....I did spend the last 6 hours trying to make a Picassa photo album that I could just load here as a slide show . I tired to use my Flicker one but it would not load at all . So, being the clever monkey that I am, decided to stick with Picassa, which is supposed to be "blogger friendly" . After editing and going through the past 2 years of "things I've made"...I tried to load it into Picassa Albums, but it appears that "blogger" can't seem to find it !!!aaarrrgg .

I did manage to make a movie using Picassa. Several edits later, this is all I managed to do...
(Don't blink or you will miss it .)


  1. Whoa, good for you. I couldn't make the little movie if I worked 6 days......

  2. It always takes so long to figure out how these things work. For slide shows another place to try is One True Media.

    To load it into blogspot, I had to change to html based and not the icon easy posting. And uploaded the slideshow to blog and facebook after publishing it to UTube.



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