Friday, March 20, 2009

Jumbo Easter eggs and baby owl pendant

Is it an....owl ? Great guess....I'm not very good a needle felting miniatures yet....much blood lose involved as I tend to "poke" to hard and go right through to my fingers . I "should" be using my felting mat but like to turn the object while I'm felting so I can keep control of how the fiber is going in . This little guy is about the size of my chrysalis...1.5" and hope to turn him into a necklace .
I didn't felt the white one....that's a large chicken egg to give size perspective to my Jumbo Emu Easter eggs . I think this would be a good beginning project for new felters (me) because it is fairly straight forward but has a lot of room for decorating .
How ?
Start by wrapping some plain Romney into about the size you want and start poking . The tighter you wrap the faster this will go ...about 30 min with size 40 needle (faster if you use 36 but I can't find mine.) Then wrap the whole thing with a nice thick base layer of colored merino or alpaca and poke some more...recommend smaller needle for this to avoid misshaping the egg and leaving poke holes . Lay on thinner wisps of matching colors and poke some more .
you can add designs once the base color is on
top it with a little critter hatchling...ala "Champ/Nessy offspring"
"paint" a scene on it with specific fiber colors(working on that tonight)
It can be used as a table decoration, a fancy pin cushion or throw it at your cat when he's being naughty...(wont hurt but will get his attention .)

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