Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top and bottom are a panel piece for a purse with an alien theme..not sure what I will do for the other side yet but given my plethora of fall colored fiber, I think it will probably revolve around Mars.
The second and third pieces were originally going to be a cuffs, but I think given that winter is almost over(eternal optimist that I am)...I may use it for a water bottle cover . I love the ones that you can hang from a cord, so need to work on some kind of straps for them . They should work well for keeping water bottle cool .
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Last and least...(or at least my poorest photos and non needle felted for the most part .

The first is a quilted bag I made as a laptop bag, I repurposed an old quilt for this because I thought the fabric was so...shiny and a shame to waste . it's lined with some really soft grey fleece, so has nice protection for a computer .

This is two hard to show without someone to model it(and I am to shy)...but it actually looks really cool as a neck wrap . A repurposed fake fur coat and lined it with a deep plum fleece . Still need to add the wooden button . It has two pockets in it for phone and Ipod, so practical as well as funky and warm .

This third item is going to a friend who I thought would be bed ridden after getting out of the hospital but I think is already up and doing calisthenics. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at her recovery but had hoped she would get some use out of this "lap robe" with pockets for her book, glasses, chocolate and other necessitates when stuck in bed all day . Perhaps she can tuck the top edge between her two mattresses and use the pockets for extra storage ?

The last is the purse I made with the flap that has pockets on it...this is what it looks like when you tuck the flap in and button the felt button.
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Anothertwo purses made of wet felted(fulled?) sweaters that are then needle felted . My sewing is almost embarrassingly poor, very sturdy and mostly hand sewn but my stitching is not very even . The flap on the first one is actually not meant to be centered(honest) because I sewed in a cell phone pocket that I wanted some one to be able to get to easily, without opening the purse . Does look a bit "funky" but seemed like a good idea at the time .

The second bag is made so the flap itself has two pockets that can be either in or out of the bag depending on taste and desire for convenient access vs security . There are also two pockets sewn onto the handle for smaller items,like lip gloss, change, sunglasses. I didn't take pictures of the insides yet but the first one is a "fake?" suede with several large pockets and two smaller pouches that you can access without opening the bag...the second bag has no internal pockets(unless you put the flap inside) but has a beautiful Batik' quilting inside and a hand sewn suede bottom added .

One of these days I will learn to use a purse pattern instead of "inventing it" as I go along .
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Day the earth stood still scarf....really hard to get a good picture of a 3 foot scarf ! The last item is one of the felted pendants I worked on last week...trying to leave a bit more texture to the felting then the purses . It's about 2" and light weight, a bit weird but I think it's kind of cute and a good way to use up some of my beading supplies, (since I done really like making jewelry but love buying pretty rocks . )
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A few of my recent feltings....the mittens are for a friend who just got out of the hospital...(If I can ever get my self to the post office...also made her a scarf but it's to large to photo properly...says..."Don't Push The River It Flows By Itself"...I think I read that in High school in Sadartha, where ever I read it, it always stuck with me and I say it to myself when life feels out of control.

The second Item is a needle felted purse...sunsets(because I have some beautiful fall colored fiber and it's not quit the season to make a fall forest . ) Mountains edging a lake with a meadow below...corny but soothing .

Third item is one of my crazy "inventions"...a neck scarf with a pocket to put a heated rice bag in...I think I would have killed for one of these when I use to have to take the bus to work .

Lastly is a felted bag (recycled sweater with a really soft handle and a stone, (can't recall the name of), held in with some felted fiber . I was planning on painting an eye on the stone but never got around to it . (can you say ADD ?)
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Gosh, wondering where I've been for the past month ? Well, meet my new obsession...needle felting . I found something that combines color and texture with sculpting and animal fiber....all the things I love . I had intended on just learning enough to make a sculpture of my favorite Pyrenees mountain dog...Andra(I miss you Andra !!!) Instead, I find myself thinking about what I can felt next...purses, scarves, mittens and pendants have all been done...I think my next project is felting an old furbie and I just ordered some beautiful fiber from three Etsy sellers, (links to their stores coming soon).

Before I forget...the above is going to be the front panel of a purse . It is a very melancholy scene . A polar bear at sunset, watching the ice-cap melt . He believes in global warming no matter what Rush LameO says, (actually he is to smart to listen to talk radio .)
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