Saturday, March 7, 2009

Berry fairies and bracelet for Shepherds Harvest

(Denise's waxs philosophical on economics and human desire to create things for sale.........)

It's hard to not be perfect . What should take 30 minutes often takes me an hour or more because I keep trying to get it perfect . When trying to design things that can be sold economically AND creating every design idea from scratch, that can be a challenge . It always comes back to economic reality....US economy is struggeling and people are watching their dollars carefully AND...US artists/crafters can not live on the same dollar that some one creating something in a factory in China can survive on . So, my current delima is how to find a balance between designing things that people can afford, that don't take hours to make and meet my personal standards of craftmanship?

I like the concept of the fairy berry girls and was happy with the cherry girl but the "grape girl" did not turn out as I had hoped. I will need to try one more layer of a different color to see if I can get a "grapier" look . The bracelet is still a "work in progress" . I made the closure out of some copper but am still not sure how I want it to look and want to make sure that it doesn't come off .This was easy to get on, (which is not always the case when putting a braclet on yourself with one hand), and I wore it for several hours with out it falling off, but am still not satisfied that it is secure "enough" and esthetically could use some refining . The funny thing is, it is something I would like wearing but I have a feeling that after seeing "perfect" machine made items, people will see the irregularity as a flaw .
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  1. Hi again, had been thinking about pricing and how to explain that I don't count my hours or some of the things I do to make what I consider technically sound product - because I choose to work slow and do certain steps that probably do not "show" in the end product. It is more that I feel better about the product and enjoy making it more.

    Then found this article from last year by JillHannah Thought you might find it interesting too.

    Hugs, J



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