Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost finished doll, Alpaca and Strawberry fairy for Shepherd's Harvest

Well, I probably should wait until these are finished to post them, but I didn't want my friend Jane to think I was being a bum and not crafting lately, (also have to take advantage of the few hours of natural light I get in the dungeon I call home) here are my three "almost" finished feltings from the past two nights . All items are "abandoned toys" that I hope to find new homes for because they do not deserve to spend the rest of their lives in a land fill !

The larger doll is felted into a rather sexy " but warm Merino outfit with arm and leg warmers . I still need to make her some boots and give her a bit more "interesting hair "...I'm thinking she would look stunning in a felted black top hat , (something I wish I had the nerve to wear...I love top hats.) Might add a few accessories as the mood strikes .

The "woolie...repurposed furbie is...well, I know he looks a wee bit like Scooby Doo or Wiley Coyote but is actually my first "alpaca head" . I just need to finish his ears and add some alpaca "fur" to his head to fluff him up a bit . Considering adding some false eyelashes as well because I love alpaca eyelashes !

The tiny girl is a Strawberry fairy still patiently awaiting her wings . I designed the wings using some flower petals and just need to felt them to her back .

Back to work tonight and more felting fun to follow .
I'll repost these when I get them finished
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  1. Wow! 3 in process, all charming, all so different. You rarely let us glimpse at the unfinished so this is a rare treat. Thanks.

    The nose and muzzle on the Alpaca are so adorable, want to kiss that nose... oh so badly.

    The dolls are looking great. Again your range of ideas never cease to amaze and please me so.



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