Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Bunny Birth

I had originally envisioned the bunny coming out of the top with just two ears and two big back feet sticking out....as you can see, he had other ideas of how he wanted to come into the world . This little battle between us extended his birthing time by several hours, taking over 8 from start to finish....(we are both rather stubborn) .

Another issue that occurred, was that I wanted to show off my sculpting by creating a detailed head with defined cheeks and mouth.....he wanted to be "fuzzy" . SO... beneath his fuzzy exterior are the finely chiseled features of a super model .

I can't blame this all on the bunny, I seem to be struggling with myself over the issue of creating more cute and abstract shaped animals and more detailed and realistic ones . Detail is great when I am working in clay, but think it is wasted on creatures made of fur, crafted out of fiber that I want to be high on the cuddly factor . I hope I get a grip on this battle before long because 8 hours to make one silly bunny is just ridiculous .

That said...I still love him and he is very cuddly .
Just found out that there is a theory about the bunnies hatching from eggs presented by the auther of the book..."Look Me In The Eyes"....you can read about it here..


  1. Wadda Wonnerful WAbbit - Denise you are so gifted. The struggle is definitely worth it in my eye as it seems to really produce awesome results.



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