Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keeping it Organic..needle felted crysalis and Alpaca balls

According to my friend Jane, organic is "In" . If true, it is the first time in my life that I am actually intune with what is "in" and it only took 40 years for the world to match my personal tastes .

Along those lines is my newest design concept (ohh, "design concept" pretentious does that sound, lol) . I was considering different ideas to add a bit more color to the twig and tree root jewelry and decided on the crysalis . Butterfly crysalis have always facinated me. During most of the crysalis stages, they are bland and easy to miss, (the point being to not get eaten), but watching a time lapse of a butterfly birth, right before they emerge, they reach a stage of simi transparancy when the folded wings begin to show through . That is the stage I am trying to reproduce with needle felting .

I want to tweek the design a bit, to decide how much of the underlying color I want to show through . I was also thinking this might be a good thing to sell to raise money for the Minneapolis Crysalis center....
A great orginization helping women, children and families in Minnesota . Evidently they have recently changed their name, but I think it still might be an appropriate fit as many of us still think of them as Crysalis .

Another idea I was playing with last night was large needle felted "alpaca balls" . As soft as "nerf" but less toxic materials . These actually have a core of scrap fleece wound tight and then about an oz of alpaca needle felted around it . I then added some accent colors of merino . These are pretty simple designs but the potential is unlimited, so they can be accented for home decorations or simpler forms as childrens toys .

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