Thursday, March 19, 2009

The "Keep 'Em Guessing" needle felted necklace....

Is it...Smurf Poo ? Rattle snake with an inflamed prostrate ? drift wood with a butter fly crysalis ?

Only you will know .

Well, thought I might avoid the Poo look by adding a bit of color to the "wood" and get more interesting shape by needle felting over a leather thong...which goes to show, not all experiments are successful . This is one of those things you could wear if you don't mind hearing the Minnesota idea of an insult....."My that sure is 'interesting' " .

It was successful in one aspect and that is that it let me know that you CAN needle felt over a leather thong and I will probably be doing that again to make some chokers .
I thought the bracelet turned out nice but the color doesn't show up very well on camera .

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