Saturday, March 14, 2009

needle felted bracelet and necklace "Tree root series"

Call me crazy, (You'll need to get in line to do so), but I love the wood roots of trees . I love the way they look after they have been exposed to the elements for a few years, showing the different colors of their layers . I love the way they twist and turn as they have grown to seek out the changing underground water routes . I love that they are like the "veins of life" for these giant "beasts" . (Yes, I AM a literal tree hugger . ) They are one of the many things I would see in the woods as a kid (and still), and have to bring home with me, a reminder of the complexity and beauty of nature .
So, it is no wonder , (although it might be crazy), that I would decide to try and reproduce something that I find so emotionally and esthetically pleasing . I am actually pleased with the results and would wear these my self but noted by my Bf's teenage son..."they look like Poo" to him !!! I'm not sure if there is a market for felted "Poo", my guess is yes, but probably not as jewelry ?

I still like them and plan on doing more , so if you like "organic" be it tree root or "poo" , these will be accompanying me to Sheepherd's Harvest .

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  1. Oh my, you are so very honest and open. The concept is wonderful and organic is very popular right now.

    Trees and tree things are very 'now' - searching on etsy for branch got 444 pages of listings, 18 items for "branch needle felted"

    - and poo and other such in your face stuff is also popular. Uh, today searching for "poop" on handmade items on Etsy got 22 pages of listings.

    So keep working on this concept, it appears viable in either category.

    Now, when I first saw the photos, got really excited because it look like the serpenticious part of the root was attached to the felt. Then when clicked and got the larger image saw the real wood was just a prop.

    For me, maybe just two colors for the needle felted root. The darkest and the lightest. The carmelish color is what turns it to "poo-ish" for me. (that is the exact color of calf poo, btw - something plentiful here lately).




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