Thursday, March 26, 2009

Neede felted Alien pods for necklaces and more Easter eggs

Can't explain how much I love making the alien pods . I think it is because I don't know what they are going to look like before I begin . I just pick colors I like and start felting, then certain colors pop out as the inner seed, inner skin and husk and I needle felt accordingly . I maybe the only person these appeal to...I have no concept of others "tastes", but I love the color and texture contrasts and just the thought they they could sprout some alien life forms . I plan on wrapping these in copper wire and making some necklaces with beads and others with needle felted ropes .
Also, a few more eggs for my Etsy store, (that I am having a lot of trouble photographing due to lack on sun lately ). I have checked on Etsy and not seen anything quit like I am making and wondering...once again...if that is because it is to weird to appeal to "normal people" who just want a sweet pastel egg with some spots on it . Not that there is anything wrong with traditional egg dying colors but it just seems a waste of the wonderful potential of needle felting/color blending . Maybe it only appeals to my eyes...(beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that ) .
Ona side note, I like the egg for contrast and sizing and am thinking off adding it to all my pics for my shop...maybe writing my store name on it ???


  1. Zowie! These are the cutest things ever. So colorful, dreamy really. I could spend hours on your blog and in your shop. So glad you joined us for Fiber Arts Friday. We should feature your eggs on Good Friday just before Easter. Love it!

  2. Thanks so much . I am new t needle felting but I am soooo hooked on it . I'm hoping to get some of the needle feltng in my shop this week and would love to be featured on one of your fiber Fridays....thanks for thinking of me .

    On another note...How can you stand raising such cute animals . I think I would spend all day hugging them and get no work done . (Have a feeling I would need to carry a rag with me to wipe off all that spit from being over friendly . )

    Thanks again, love your blog and pics of those cute alpaca .




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