Thursday, March 19, 2009

Needle felted head band, chrysalis and suprise Easter eggs

Started out wanting to make something for Easter, just a simple little egg and look who popped up ! He is the offspring of Champ and Nessy but how they got together is a mystery . He was so fun to make , I plan on doing several animals in Easter eggs and may even get them listed on Etsy before the season is over .....or they may just make a late arrival to Shepherd's Harvest .
The head band with the butterfly is going to be a hair band but I need to add the "stretchy bit"
to the ends. It is needle felted onto a bit of wool coat fabric, so it is rather thick but should work great for some "hair interest" .
Also, still working on the butterfly chrysalises...I personally like them but have a feeling they wont appeal to "most folks" . I did buy some new wool fiber that should be arriving soon to add more colors to the butterflies beneath the cocoons .


  1. Thanks so much ! I am having so much fun with this stuff and can't believe how versitile the fiber is and love so much how soft the alpaca and merino is to touch while I'm working ...(sure beats having muddy hands sculpting with clay .)
    Thanks for visiting and give those sweat alpaca a big kiss from me .




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