Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cat Baloo

Gratuitous pictures of my buddy...Cat Baloo . When we found him at the Human Society, he was about 9 months old and just looked like a fluffy black cat . He has since, grown into his "grown up Pajamas"and has beautiful brown and gray angora fluff . I am thinking of "harvesting" it for a needle felted bracelet for my BF ...(one of his biggest fans ). I will probably use alpaca as a base and cat fluff as just accents, as I doubt I will ever collect enough to make a full bracelet ..... how to get him to set still long enough to groom the angora fluff ?
Maybe slip a bit of Bynadril into his tuna ?
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  1. oh what a gorgeous cat. Cat hair, at least the cat hair from our house cats, does felt. But have never figured out how to wash it effectively before using it for felting.



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