Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Needle felted jewelry....and ADD

I love classic images and "snake swallowing it's tale" is one of my favorites . I still need to add the eyes to this little guy and my "evil eye" agate stones have just arrived, so stay tuned .

These 4 needle felted cuffs started life as a neck wrap that I made to thick, so I cut them into 4 equal sections and added some more fiber over the raw edges . I plan on adding some beading and am still waiting for the vintage button from Israel to add closures .
I made this "alien pod" for a friend who was recently in the hospital, had hoped to drop it off but guess it will be a trip to the post office since I didn't make it to the hospital in time . I am planning on adding some healing scents to it because I think these would make great "scent traps" . She can hang it on the car (beats those obnoxious Christmas tree things) or next to the bed for sweat dreams .

Sweat strawberry on a wet felted rope . I still need to add the seed beads and haven't decided what kind of closure to add .

Wet felt vs Needle felting . The two fuzzy ropes are needle felted and the one on top that looks smooth is wet felted . I seem to have some wet felting phobia but am trying to over come it . I did these as an experiment to see which style I like better . The upside of the wet felting is that it only takes about 10 min. where the needle felting takes about an hour . It also gives much cleaner lines to see the different colors . The upside of the needle felting i only an upside if you are a fan of "fuzzy" , which I happen to be . Since you poke from all sides, the extra fiber ends poke through and create a fuzzy halo effect that I think feels good .
Conclusion...I will probably keep making both kinds because they each have their own advantages .
The ADD part of the equation ? Notice how many of these projects are still not finished ?

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