Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hang on to your breechs...lots of pictures of wet felting experiments

I included lots of close-ups because I want to show the texture of the items I'm wet felting . I used a few new techniques that I will go into tomorrow but am in a rush to leave for work now, so more tomorrow .


  1. Good heavens, you've been productive lately!! I think the nuno class inspired you, yes? We had a great time - thanks for all you did to make that possible...


    my verification word today is 'slime'
    are we trying to tell me something?

  2. Thanks for visiting Eileen . Yes, the nuno class was the push I needed to over come my fear of wet felting and I plan on doing more soon .

    Slime....?nopeno secret agenda from me but I used to love Slimmer from the Ghost buster cartoon .



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