Saturday, October 10, 2009

New organizing And.... fiber from Sheepish Creations

This was one of my goals today....Unpack my felted items from the bag I was keeping them in and get them organized for when I have better lighting for taking photos .

This is one of those "as seen on TV" things that you can use to store your shoes under the bed . It doesn't have a stiff structure , so I cut up some old box's and fit them into the bottoms and sides . This may not be the perfect solution, but it will keep items from getting dusty and I hope will be easier to find an item if I actually get them listed and sold .....(some day soon ). It should also work well for transporting and setting up if I ever get brave enough to do craft shows....(eternal optimist here ) . I plan on putting a card in each slot with the name, price and description of the items for when I get ready for listing on Etsy . I really hate this whole process but I have to break each step down to get any thing done or I become paralyzed and over whelmed .

I also baked brownies, made speg sauce, showered, found Tiny, and am getting ready to take the air conditioner out of the window before our pipes freeze . I know my mom could have done all this in an hour but it is about all I can manage in a day . Then again, my mother didn't have the inter-net to distract her nor did she succumb to the siren call of the fiber mermaid . (see below)

I just ordered this lovely fiber from an Etsy seller called Sheepish Creations two days ago and it arrived already ! This is a new seller for me... <---click that to check out her shop : ) and I am very happy with my order .

The fiber looks and feels soft and fluffy, would be a treat to spin, but I'll be putting this under the needle . I think I have done enough boring stuff for one day and deserve a bit of needle time ...the sirens song is so sweet and I have nothing to plug my ears . (literary pretentious ?)

She also sent me a cute wee sheep to keep me company while I felt . Thanks Pam ! and I haven't weighed it but these bundles sure seem like more then 4 Oz each . Off to needle .


  1. Super storage idea for fiber. And thanks for the reminder that one can use space under the bed for storage. Have already put that to use. :D thanks.



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