Thursday, October 8, 2009

Felt......Does it HAVE to do/be something ?

For anyone who comes here to see fuzzy cute things...this is all I've got to share this week .
Well, the troll and bracelets are a bit fuzzy and cute....
But, aside from the wet felting experiments , all I did this week was play with colors, shapes and textures ....but what are they ?
I guess you could hang them on the Christmas tree or from your key chain .
...or this could be a paper weight if you don't live in a very windy city .
...or you get sick of looking at one side, you can turn it over and it's a whole new sculpture . I felted it very solid from merino and lots of gummy silk, so it also has an interesting texture .
...or if you have a troll you want to have a fancy place to stand.....
My BF just sort of shrugs at these creations . He's not as stimulated by shape and color as I am . He wants things to do/be something , so I created this sculpture to be an alien landscape and even put a little alien on it he could play with .
but I personally, appreciate it more as just a study in shape, texture and color . I like to touch it and turn it around to see different angles .

I'm sure I will be making some more of these as I have several little plastic aliens that will look good here ( for those who must have something "be" something, to enjoy them . ) but I will keep doing my abstract sculptures for those few who like their things to be nothing more then color, shape and texture with out the distraction of having to be anything more .

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  1. I enjoyed your blog and felt. I also appreciated reading about aspergers as I have a young nephew with aspergers and it is a kind of peep into how he views things
    FELT 4U



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