Friday, October 23, 2009

First stage needle felting..Alien Landscape

Now that I have the new Ninjas and aliens, I thought it was time I got busy making some playscapes . This is what I would call the first stage...using a 4 needle poker, I form the basic shape of the valley hills and some small "growths" . Once that is holding together fairly well but before it is fully felted and hard...I lay down the colors that I want the shapes to be...grass, hills, volcanoes, rocks, tree like things and water . This is much more earth like then my last two but I plan on adding the alien touches at the end . Probably a space ship or dwelling .
It's very difficult to tell how well felted something is from a picture . This seems similar to many of the playscapes I have seen on Etsy...still fluffy and will hold together but may not last well through the years . I don't want to lose all the soft texture of the wool but I do want something that will hold up over will be another 5-10 hours to firm this up and the 2' by 1' structure will end up losing about 1/3 it's current size .

I think it would make a fabulous center piece the next time you are hosting an alien/ninja wedding or birthday party....uhm...or any day, if you happen to be as childish as me : )
I haven't decided if I am going to add this bird like alien but I think he would look interesting in the playscape if I can figure out how to perch him .
Obviously, he needs several more hours of felting and a lot more detail , but I thought it would be interesting to show him at this beginning stage of abstract shape . I'm not sure about the face yet, but am thinking something Pterodactyl like...(Just watched the Land of Lost movie last night) .

It will be a long an delicious day of felting for me . I love wool !!!

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