Friday, October 16, 2009

Where the Wild Cylcops roam...and other bits of fun

This is a close up of some merino, tencel, and wee bit of silk that I needle felted together before I began the wet felting . This actually takes between 2-3 hours but cuts the wet felting down to about 30 min, so it depends on if you prefer having a needle in your hands or having wet hands .
I'm not a big fan of wet hands, so is worth the extra needle time .
This is the other side...flames on water or fall trees around a stream ?
I absolutely love the feel and look of this at this needle felt stage but it wouldn't be very practical as a scarf...(would work fine as a wall hanging and I may give that a try . Art for the wall that you can pet sounds liema devine idea to me . )

The back layer of this is some of the lovely Yak/merino I just purchased and it is unbelievably soft . I think it feel very similar to alpaca . The other side is a merino.tencel blend and both worked well for both the needle and wet felting stages . (I'll have to show the finished wet felting on the next sunny's been a very dreary fall here ) .
Just one example of the lovly fiber being sold on Etsy by Greenwood Fiberworks . Check her out, lovely blends of color and fibers .
The above is the 12oz of Yak and merino that I purchased from Busybee Fibers . It really was great for felting...I was a bit worried that it would take longer but it worked for both the noses of the "wild cyclops"( pictured in last pics here ) and in the scarf above .
Moonlight and Laughter uses some of my favorite color blends and this merino Tencl blend is a soft as it is gorgious . She also included some milk fiber which is fantastic to soft as the silk and Tencel but with only half the shine , so a much more subtle look .
I added some of the aliens from my alien necklaces. I attached hooks so you can wear them as necklaces when you are done playing with them . I just ordered two different kinds of aliens that arrived today, so need to get busy making more playscapes for them .
The wild cyclops on the left has at least one autistic trait...toe walking . His nose is made of Yak and the rest is merino, tencil and silk .
This wild cyclops looks like he is trying to relax doing a yoga stretch . I can't recall the name of this pose but I do recall that it hurt . He seems to be smiling through the pain .
At the last minute....a head banging monkey joined in the fun and appears to be siding with my hand felted alien against the hatchet wealding alien .

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  1. Wonderful, wacky, weird and wild.... yep that just about sums it up. Love, love, love it all. Your imagination, experimentation and results continue to entertain and inspire.



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