Friday, October 9, 2009

Teddy bears with Horns ?....(Yaks are cute) fiber coming and fabric arrived

I don't actually like to sew but I do love weird fabrics to play with and this is some interesting netting and stretchy velvet with bizzar sheen that I though would make some interesting Gothic arm warmers with some other fabrics I have in my stash .
I like the Sage chiffon and am hoping to use it for some rust over dying . (I certainly do love to experiment ). The pink is actually a bit darker then it's showing on my monitor but is not my particular favorite color . I'm hoping to tone it down with both dyes and nuno felting . It was such a good price and nice quality that I couldn't pass it up .
This was also on sale and I hope to make some arm covers for my wet felting . I really don't like the feeling of wet arms while I'm rolling the felt, so hope I can sew up some water proof covers . I thought it might also work for covering my new wet felting machine metal roller .

Yaks are adorable !

Last night I ordered some new fiber to try . Yak sounded so exotic and I just couldn't resist....(my will power to resist fabric and fiber is 0 ). I wanted to see how it felts and how it feels to the touch . It is supposed to be very soft and sure looks a lot like alpaca . It has a very fine micron and staple length is only about an inch . The stuff I ordered is mixed with 50% merino, so should be a little easier to work with but I'm not sure how well it will needle felt . I ordered 12 oz to start with...about all I can afford this month as I have already gone over my craft budget and the month is just starting...oops . I did think it would make a nice gift for my friend "Inventor", my dad and brothers (who are not easy to buy for), and if all works well, I'll try and make some scarfs for my shop .

Looks like more experimenting in my near future . Yippy !

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  1. Hi, I've just discovered you from the 'Eyes of Time' blog. You've got some gorgeous stuff going on, and wonderful colours. I'm a 'butterfly' with my projects too, always too much going on! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all those fabrics.
    Penny x



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