Thursday, October 22, 2009

one footed cyclops and pup

I worked on this pup for 3 nights and he is still not "perfect" eye is larger then the other and I have yet to decide if this is endearing or needs to be fixed . Symmetry is one of the most difficult things to achieve for me . Wither it's drawing or sculpting, I always seem to end up with one ear higher then the other or one arm thicker . Maybe it's my lopsided brain, but it sure can be frustrating .
It took about 6 hours to make a brown Romney simple body shape and face . Then I covered most of the body in the gray merino and Yak fiber and felted that for another 5 hours . Did seem to take longer then usual to get it to firm up . I added the white merino to the tummy and then spent another 4 hours making the ears and tail and adding more detail to the face and body . Yep, a very long process but I think he's pretty cute, evn if uneven and he sure feels soft with the merino and yak .
The black fuzz at the edge of the picture is my cat, who now seems to think he needs to get into every camera shot .
A little mopey and lots of dopey but he has a very cuddly temperament .
...and this guy is a wee bit silly and a wee bit spooky and is mostly yummy merino/yak with a bit of silk and alpaca in the nose and tail .

This started as an experiment in "carving" . I made a lose ball shape and then just poked at it until I started seeing a shape and then followed those lines to try and accentuate the shape I saw
I think it reminds me a bit of a North American native sculpture but I'm not sure why .

Another abstract in form and color .
Sometimes my BF takes pictures of my critters with his . That is a "devil" I have been working on that needs a new face because I made it to flat . That is one of the advantages of working in wool can go back and cover up mistakes by adding a bit more wool .

Happy crafting !



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