Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairy-ring necklace and DUNE playscape

I think you have to touch this to get the full effect but clicking on the picture will at least show some of why I love this piece . It is certainly a simple design...a bit of merino roving layered with merino/tencel and a touch of alpaca and silk . I just took a long strand of roving and poked for about 10 hours until I formed this circle . The whole time I was thinking...what the heck am I going to do with it....who would wear such a bold piece of fiber around their neck ? I just couldn't stop, myself ......poke,poke,poke . It just felt so soft and I was loving how the colors were blending . I guess it would make an appropriate nature center piece for a table if you filled it with candles(or fairys ?) or a rock collection . I still think it would make great neck-art that just begged people to pet it...but I think that's just me ?

Although there are fluffy fibers, this is really solidly felted , I just used the technique were you poke the felted fibers out the other side to create a fuzzy halo . I do this with some of my animal sculptures when I want to make them a bit fuzzier .

...and another alien playscape . This one took several full days of needle felting and I still need to fix a few areas that I'm not happy with yet .
This "tree" is a mix of merino, silk, alpaca and Mohair curls .

(Alien riding in the mohair curls of the worm )...sure beats walking and I think I would prefer it to driving my car...I hate driving . As to steering....I'm not a fan of harnesses and it's my I think it is all done telepathically .
As I was creating this, I was thinking about DUNE but with a creature that the aliens had a completely symbiotic relationship . They could pick bits of food (the mohair) from the "tree"
and feed it to the critter and it would let them hitchhike rides and even live inside when the weather was to hot or cold . However, making the mouth open as a cave, gives it such a distorted face that I don't like the end result . I think I will have to redo the face and just have them be hitchhikers, like the original DUNE . I also don't really like the "water look" of the none hill areas and think I will cover them with some greens and copper colors . I like contrasting colors but just don't think this looks pleasing next to the colors of the critter .


  1. Oh Oh OH my goodness. What awesomeness your hand have wrought.

    The fair ring necklace could be all the things you suggest. A definite statement necklace. It never occurred to use the poke through for intentional fuzzy texture. Super fantastic.

    The playscape is way beyound the comprehension of my imagination. Gorgeous color and texture.

    Denise you and your work are amazing, jaw dropping amazing.

  2. : ) Thanks so much for your comments Jane . I love making the playscapes and imagining myself on the planets hanging out with the aliens but now I'm wondering where I'm going to store these....(I should be making miniatures) .

    Are you wearing one of your fiber mustaches this Halloween...but (almost 6?) wants one .

    Happy Halloween !



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