Friday, October 23, 2009

A birthday present from Gales Art...or...How the post office took a month to deliver a package !

TMI...being an aspie, I am great at making a short story long . If you want the short version just read the last line here....or.... here is the aspie version .

This spring I went to my first Shepherd's Harvest as a vendor and a buyer . I purchased some wonderful fiber from a MPLS based store...The Fiber Studio, and could never seem to find the same product again . It was so shiney, soft and I loved how the colors sat on top of the warm brown color beneath . I believe it was a blend of alpaca and silk but couldn't find the name of the women who made it .

Then I had a brainstorm...look on Etsy for the name of it....But all I could recall was the word Peacock . After much searching, I finally found something that at least looked similiar at Gales Art.... It was a lovely alpaca/silk 70/30 blend .

The above link is another place you can find her gorgious fiber at the Loopy Ewe...(see button at the top of the right hand column .)or you can find her on Etsy when she returns from vacation on Oct 26 .


I order 6 ounces and waited excitedly for it's arrival ....nothing . After about 3 weeks...(thought that was long enough for her to shear the alpaca and gather the silk from the worms) and dye the whole thing .....I contacted her on Etsy to find out if she had lost my order . She said she had sent it weeks ago : O Based on her positive feedback, I realized that it must be a "mail" mistake. She agreed to resend my order and except back the package if it ever arrived . I was pretty leary that it would show up . I had two other packages go missing in the past 6 months and was getting prettty frustrated with the post office .


the second package arrived in a few days and it was just as great as I had hoped . Incredable soft and beautiful colors . The silk adds shine to the fiber that doesn't seem to show up in the photos but tickles your eyes when you see it in person .

Well, today, the original package arrived just in time for my birthday so I can justify buying it and not sending it back...... Yea Gale ! I went to Etsy to ask Gale to write me up an order on Etsy so I could pay for it but she is on vacation, so this is my official IOU to Gale .

The short (NT) version of the story...

I ordered some roving and it took a month to get here...geeeez, post office, what's up with that !

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