Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horton hears a Who...mystery wet felting machine unvailed...(and a zombie cyclops)

This is my new toy ( that will probably not work for what I am trying but will be fun to try...)
Basic info...and how it is used.....My BF said I should also mention that it is NOT me in this video (which I got from Utube)

I just bought this at the local thrift store and thought the slow rolling motion of the cylinder and the heat from the applied metal bar...might work for some nuno or wet felting experiments . I would need to felt anything about 80% before I put it in here, but it might decrease some of the hours of rolling . (huge "might" )

The cylinder was covered by an outer layer of fabric and an internal thick batt of "something" soft, perhaps Flannel . I stripped these off because they smell musty and I probably wont be able to use them as it is almost imposable to get musty smell out of fabric....though I'm sure I will spend hours trying because I hate to throw anything away : )

This is what the cylinder looks like with all fabric and batting stripped off . Obviously in need of a good cleaning and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the hex nut off to remove the cylinder . Of course, I will paint the whole thing and clean up any lint I find on the motor . It does rotate and heats up but I probably wont use it out of eye sight because old electronics can be a fire hazard . Mixing electronics and water isn't usually very smart either but I am going to try and figure out a way to contain the wet felting in something (none melty) before I wrap it around the cylinder .

Below are a few more thrift store items for my crafting . An interesting medicine cabinet for supplies, a water proof table cover with a nonslip material on the back and some of that weird non-slip stuff to keep rugs from moving .

The "plan" is to use the last material for wet felting instead of the bubble wrap . Layer of plastic on top and bottom of non -slip stuff then lay down the roving . Why...? Because I don't like the cost or clean up of bubble wrap . I assumed that it could just be washed and reused but found that some of the bubbles pop while rolling and water and soap get in them that don't seem to want to wash out ....Very frustrating . Wish me luck in my (as usual) messy and slightly dangerous experiments .
And his is my favorite cyclops of late . Has some features of many of my favorite things...alien, Neanderthal, cyclops, zombie .


  1. Wow, very cool. I love repurposing things as well. (I make art from found objects.)

  2. Thanks Rachel, I'm a life long rescuer of abandoned items as well and that's how I started my Etsy shop before getting addicted to wool.

    If you have a flicker page of your art, I would love to see it .



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