Saturday, October 17, 2009

aliens and Ninjas have arrived (also, more nuno and wet felted scarves )

Another picture of my majestic fuzzy panther ...Baloo
and here they are.....the new ninjas and aliens in a fight to the death...or perhaps they will work out their differences and share a nice cup of tea ?
This is one of my largest nuno felt scarfs..about 5' by 2' . I would like to do larger ones but am limited by table and bubble wrap sizes . The base material is a silk chiffon print and I used 50/50% , Merino/Tencel for the felting . I think it took about 3 hours to lay out an roll . I still prefer the process of needle felting but like the results of the nuno look .

This is a much smaller scarf of chiffon, Merino/Tencel and a bit of alpaca/silk (70/30 blend)
Inspite of the smaller size, it takes just as long to get to the felted stage and perhaps that is due to the resistance of the alpaca/silk to felt .

The pic below shows the backside detail of the fiber migrating through the chiffon .

Above is my first wet felted scarf with merino/tencel on one side and Yak/merino on the other side .
I'm not sure why but it developed a ridged look when felted which added and interesting texture and almost looks like knitting rows . The only thing different in this is the Yak, so am wondering if that will always result in this effect .
The ridges here are because I needle felted merino/tencel into a merino/angora knitted sweater

This is the other side . If you look in the following post, you can see what these last two scarves looked like in the needle felt stage before I wet-felted them .

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