Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kind of a rough week but a bit of felting fun

I started the week battling fatigue and did very little felting and no large projects . I used the time to do more experimenting in mixing colors and textures . I was thinking about offering some Christmas tree decorations for those interested in less traditional shapes and colors . I'm not a big fan of red and green and don't seem to have the same joyful response to snowmen and Santas as some folks . I plan on adding some copper wire hangers to these and perhaps a few beads for sparkle .

Above and below are some of the merino/tencel bangles I've been working on . I like the lightweight feel of these and they can just slide on without struggling with tiny closures .

This is actually a choker, though it's hard to see size perspective without wearing it but I still need a closure on this .I can't seem to decide what kind would be most comfortable . I added some of the flat spiral beads I have been experimenting with as accents on front and side . I imagine these could be sewn on a bit faster and contrasting color thread might be fun but I just spent about 30min needle felting these on . They are very short fibers, so are a bit
resistant to attaching . I can see a lot of potential for these in future projects .

I had a hard time finding directions on making the spiral beads so I just sort of winged it . I lightly needle felted the yellow core, then wrapped several different colored layers around the core . Once I had about 3" wide tube, about a foot long......I needle felted it a few hours then wet felted the whole thing until it felt very solid. I had read that it is easier to cut wet, so I sliced off my sections while still damp but this stuff will dull your knife pretty fast...probably best to use a disposable exacto knife blade unless you know how to sharpen your own knives frequently . I let several of the sections dry flat and took several others and rolled them into round and oblong shapes to see how that would look . I think the round ones might make nice critter eyes if I experiment with the colors (black center) and the spiral ones would look interesting hanging from my alien trees or for necklace beads . Someone suggested freezing the the spiral log while wet to see if we can get thinner slices and I hope to try that soon .

Here is another choker that I did make a fiber closure for . After making the circle, I sliced the thinnest area in half and needled on one of the spiral bead slices . It does take lots of poking from every angle to get it secure . The other side is some merino yarn that I shaped into a circle (several layers) and felted together then wrapped some of the "tail" around the end of the choker and felted this all together . I'm sure there is a faster, easier way to go about this but I had originally planned on making my own copper clasp for this and decided at the last minute I wanted the whole thing to be fiber . Again, I may or may not end up beading this before listing it . I have tons of gorgeous beads I have collected over the past year but some part of me is resistant to doing anything that will take attention away from the color and texture of the fiber...Does that make me a "purest" or just to lazy to bead ? ( I may never know .)
I think this would look good either with the closure in front, as an accent, or in back for a simpler look .
The lighting here isn't great but this gives a bit more size perspective .

Hopefully the DR's visit next week will give me a clue as to why I have been so tired lately and I can get back to some larger projects before Christmas .


  1. It looks like dispute your fatigue you have been working really hard. I love your colour combos! I've seen some chockers the make use of big, decorated wooden buttons for closures... Could be another idea?

  2. Keep working on the spiral beads, love those - got lots of good comments on them at the workshop, although the favorites seemed to be those nubbins you made (I cut them in half, made them into sort of flower things, the spiraled/layered colors really looked cool that way...) Maybe you could sell little bags of 'mixed felted nubbins' to spinners?



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