Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest ....and my friend Jane

For any others who love animals and natural fibers, have a desire to promote small family business or just want a nice day of family fun...Shepherd's Harvest could be the answer to all your needs . You can find directions and other important info here...

It is held on Mother's day Weekend and would be a great event to bring your crafty mom's to.

This will be my first ever craft show and one I would not be doing at all if it weren't for the inspiration and constant support of my friend Jane of Tranquil Nook/Glorioushats found on . You can read her recently lovely and revamped blog here.....

She makes some amazing hats, pins and actually knows how to use a sewing machine AND run a small farm . She agreed to partner with me in sharing a booth at Shepherds Harvest and we plan on spending the whole weekend selling, taking pictures of all the cute alpaca, sheep and bunnies as well as bringing home some great new fiber to work with.

Most of the items I am working on will be on this blog in the next few months but...the above doll will not be there because she is making a trip North to visit Jane. Long over due promise of a doll coming your way Jane : ) She is smaller then most of the dolls I repurpose and a bit more conservative as I decided to use more spring colors . Her arms are slightly posable but she is so well bundled that she can't sit down and does need to be propped up to stand . All her clothing is actually needle felted on except for the boots and purse which are sewn of some wet felted Alpaca . I felted down a spiral on her coat that was made of some beautiful thick yarn from
I love the yarn and plan on using it for several necklaces because it is so soft, thick and such a beautiful blend of colors .

SO come see me as Shepherds Harvest and treat your mom and yourself to a day of cute animals and lovely fiber .
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