Friday, February 6, 2009

Refured "woolie" #2 .
I tried a different technique for this one and saved about an hour,(only 5 hours), and several less finger pokes . After "skinning" the furbie, I covered the base in alpaca sweater material that I had previously wet felted and sewed it in place . I used some alpaca build up for the wings, tail and ears . The rest was the the wool where I wanted the particular color and poke, poke, poke . Good fun had by all . I'm still debating adding feet .

I think I'm going to give the alpaca fiber from Northstar Alpaca for the new project . It's all natural colors and I'm hoping for a more teddy bear/cuddly effect with some of the curly locks for accents . I'm a little nervous about using this because it is so soft and I don't want to lose the softness by over felting but I want it to be secure enough to handle with out losing any fiber . Wish me luck .
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