Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Arctic "furmaiden" furbie/ Smoky Mountain Fibers

This little Arctic mermaid...(not to be confused with her thinner Southern mermaid sisters) , loves to spend her days throwing snowballs at penguins and sliding on the ice with the Polar Bear cubs .

Her fur is a wonderfully soft Marino and I keep a bit of the the originally furbie "fur" to frame her face because it reminded me of ice crystals . Her base was shaped with Romney, which I still think makes the best underfiber for the Marino because it sculpts so firmly. I wet felted her dreadlocks and attached them to the "ear posts" that move so that they can still be functional but with hair instead of ears. I just couldn't recall ever seeing mermaids with ears . Of course, I will also be making her a "furbie" polar bear cub to play with as well as a penguin . One project just seems to lead to another and I'm having a great time with these little guys/girls .

Another kudos to an Etsy seller of beautifuly dyed Marino on Etsy...Smokey Mountain Fibers .
I loved the color of this and it was a major inspiration for deciding to try a mermaid....the color is just perfect for "water" and makes you want to dive into the soft pile . I searched and searched but could not find one piece of VM in this...simply perfect !

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