Saturday, February 14, 2009

Felted turtle

"I've fallen and I can't get up"...certainly had a few days like this . First free standing needle felting..about 4" and almost as many hours and I still didn't get his shell finished . I was trying to do a turtle from "memory" but can't quit visualize the shell color . I used to have an empty turtle shell that I think I found at Girl Scout camp and brought home as a "pet" . A very quit but slightly odoriferous pet . I glued googly eyes to it and it was one of my "prized posessions" . Well, it was fun to make but I can see why people charge so much for these little felted critters...they take forever to make and felt doesn't actually shape as easily as clay but the upside is no muddy fingers . As always, upside and downside to everything, including this little guy .
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  1. Oh, CUTE!!! I think you have a real knack for the felting thing, girl - put some of these on your Etsy site!



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