Saturday, February 7, 2009

Furbie stripped and alpaca felted

Well, my first attempt with the Alpaca . My very fat cat posed for this one . This took much longer then I thought it would...about 8 hours . I built up the body shape using a hand knit alpaca sweater that I had wet felted . It was a beautiful "looking" sweater but who ever knitted it had not removed the guard hairs and it was to itchy to wear but perfect for shaping onto the furbie frame . After sewing the basic shape, I laid down the alpaca trying to keep natural hair direction in mind and gently poked to try and avoid "poke holes...( I hate those) .
Most of the feber I used for this one was from "Frugal Farms Alpaca" and althought it looked beautiful and felt soft ....there was a lot more VM then I had originally realized . The seller was completely honest about this and the price reflected the inconvenience...only $1.00 an ounce....very frugal and perfect for a first project . I think picking it out added another hour to the felting however . Alpca feels alot like Marino...maybe even softer, so it does take a bit longer to get it to felt but is stayed much softer then the quicker felting Romney .

The tummy is a bit of sheep fur and the lighter paw color is some of the fiber from North Star Alpaca . Now that I think I have the basic idea of working with this....I am going to try and make this next little animal purely out of her fiber...(Yea, no VM to pick out...should go quicker ) .
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  1. Oh my goodness, Denise, this is amazing. YOu are moving so fast with your work and quality level.

    About the poke holes, sometimes it works to do the deeper inner layers with a large gauge needle like a #36, then go to a # 38 still large but relatively fast, then finish the top layer with a # 40 fine needle- the finer the needle the slower the felting, but the fewer the poke holes.

    How many furbies do you have? The conversions to woolbies is amazing. It is going to be super to see a herd of them massed and ready for a romp.



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