Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Axman shopping spree for needle felters

A new Axman opened a few blocks from me...yes, I am a very lucky girl. For anyone reading this that has never had the pleasure of Axman, it is a surplus store that sells very odd over stock from medical, scientific, electronics and military but they also carry a few craft items. You never know what you will find when you venture in but there is always a few good deals to be had and it keeps some cool things out of land fills .

The first picture shows some of the small felting pads(some have a black velvet that could also be used for jewelry display) and these little plastic brush? "things" that will be a good support when doing small needle felting balls . They are travel size . The picture also includes two of the needle felting needles I use that I wrapped in leather so they are more comfortable to hold . I'm still going to end up with carpal tunnel before my obsession is over but we all must sacrifice for our obsessions..yes?

I only bought one of the second item. It is a water proof container that I want to make a nice felted cover for...I will replace the cheap little strap with some nice fiber or leather and they will fit most cell phones, ipods and anything you don't ant to get banged up in your purse . They were only 95cents, so I may go get a few more if this one works out .

Third purchase was something that you can use to card fiber (if you can't afford the $75 paddles and I can't) . They were only a dollar, so worth the the cost but to small to do much with . They should work for the dog hair from Andra that I need to card after washing . Hoping to finish that needle felting some time this year .

Last item is several pounds of leather "waste", strips that will be perfect for hanging felted pendants on and am also going to felt up some cat toys that will be attached to the leather for "cat fishing" cats love that game and they have been having a blast with their new felted balls...I think they like the smell of the sheep ?
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