Sunday, February 22, 2009

sheep, octopus, Nessy, comit and flowers...oh my !

Still practicing my needle work and some OK and some just funny . The top and bottom are going to be berets, just a few silly pictures on a wet felted backing .

The 2nd and 3rd are my rather lame attempt at sheep. I thought the back ground turned out rather nice and then just "had" to throw some sheep into the mix . Wasn't my best idea, given that I was doing them from memory and my memory on the best of days is a bit flawed ....I still need to add some tails and ears but could not recall what they looked like . Another problem was that I was trying to make a wee sheep family...kid laying down for a rest, and mom standing next to dad . However, trying to fit them all in was a bit more challenging then I and dad's legs are tangled and it looks a bit like an octopus sheep...also, didn't plan out how big they would be and several of their legs are cut off at the knees .

Next time, I will bring a picture with me .
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  1. Oh my Denise these are really cool. Actually sometimes leaving things a bit more abstract, sharing an essence rather than absolute correct anatomical detail is more appealing.

    Love love love the background and the shading is awesome. You are truly painting with fiber.

  2. I LOVE the sheeples!! You are doing GREAT with the felting, Denise, you should be so proud! I can't wait to see what you are going to bring to the Shepherd's Harvest... I'm feeling pretty lucky that I'll get to be near your table and goggle at all your stuff whenever I want.



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