Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cat Toy or necklace ?

Just a simple little experiment that turned out as planned....(I love when that happens ). I found a great deal on some scrap leather from Axeman and decided that they would make perfect cat toys after my cat attacked them as soon as I opened the bag . I had already made them several needle felted wool balls that they loved, so it was a natural to just needle felt the balls directly to the leather thongs . Unlike 90% of the toys I've bought at the store for them...they actually played with these new toys . Amazing, maybe it's the sheep smell or just wanting whatever that thing is that mom spends all her time doing now but they sure seem to enjoy their new toys .

I also decided that these might make some fun and inexpensive necklaces, but was not sure about "durability", so I have been wearing mine all week, even sleeping in it but taking it off for showers and it looks as new as when I put it on...these things actually are really strong . They have survived cat abuse and Denise use and only take 20 minutes to felt .
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