Monday, February 16, 2009

Items for Shepherd's Harvest..pins, berets and neck collars

The top picture is of some of the hair pins I needle felted and beaded . I tired a pair yesterday and they work great . The next pic is some pins I actually made a few weeks ago and lost amongst my crafting stuff, (that's one advantage of cleaning up, you never know what you might find .) The third pics are off some pins and berets I made last night...two abstract little necklace focal pieces, a larger "over flowing bath tub" beret and smaller "flying eye at sunset" beret. The bottom pic is of one of my "odder creations" ...neck collars, I plan on adding some "earthy" beads to these and button connectors . The fiber is wet felted alpaca sweater in the center and Romney needle felted around the edge . I was going to needle felt the whole thing but I really liked the curly alpaca fiber in the middle which doesn't really show up in the pictures but looks cool in real life .
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  1. Oh Denise, these are just wonderful. Love your choice of color and design. YOu are amazing.



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