Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fleecemakers Fibers on Etsy

I said I wanted to mention some of the stores I had been buying fleece from and Fleecemakers Fibers on, is one of my first . She has some really beautifully dyed Romney, (great variety of colors) and although some recommend Marino for felting....I think the Romney needle felts much easier, tighter and quicker then the finer and less crimpy Marino . The trade off is that it is not as soft as Marino but that is not really an issue when your felting sculptures or wall hangings, purse decorations or anything that doesn't have to lay against the skin . It is soft and not "itchy" at all and would be fine for making scarves or yarns's just not "as soft" as the Marino which feels like silk . (There's also no/very little VM to pick out which I have found more of in the finer fibers .)

I would also recommend the undyed Romney for the base fiber when making 3D sculptures . It felts so quickly and it generally less expensive as a shaper/filler . If you want the softness, you can then overlay it with some of the Marino or Alpaca . So....just one "newbies" opinion, give it a try and see what you think .

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