Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racktacular event to help individuals with breast cancer

Rock and roll and breasts....what could be better ?

Just heard about an event in MPLS this Friday ....RACKTACULAR .

You can read about more details on this cool blog...(copy and past, can't get my links button to work anymore...arrrggg)....


It was a bit last minute for me, but I threw together a donation box for the auction and thought I would include some pictures that I rushed to make before I got it into the mail .

I don't have any idea what else will be in the auction but can tell you a bit about what I sent...

-An alien pod needle felt necklace
-a "Stop calling people from other countries aliens=one world" necklace
with a metal earth, tiny alien and "homey" on leather cord
-a hand knit pinkish sweater re-purpose as a neck warmer (with fleece lining, vintage button (I think it's wool and mohair but not sure as their was no tag .
-Beaded suede bag for clubbing...can wear around neck, hands free dancing
-Clip on needle felt bag with peacock colors and vintage button
-driftwood look needle felt slip on bracelet
-re-purposed , beaded fringe collar necklace

I sent some of my funkier items because I was told that many of the attendees are
in the fashion business and thought they wouldn't mind some items that aren't exactly "traditional" . I once again did a lousy job being "business minded", as I didn't have time to add any professional looking labels (don't have any...yet), but did throw in a few business cards so maybe someone will come visit my Etsy store. To bad I still don't have any of my felt items listed there for them to look at..... (Gosh...businessy stuff is hard .)


  1. Your auction package sounds delightful. I think you have one of the most interesting blogs I've come across:)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Jasmine . It's great to see your enthusiasm about felt . I can't even begin to explain how much I love needle felting...still have not learned to wet felt but will eventually . I've been felting obsessively for the past 9 months and still have so much to learn about what some wool and a needle can do .

  3. Then maybe we can share tips. I have yet to try the needle as have had problems getting hold of them. Maybe when I next order wool! :)

  4. Hi Jasmine,

    This is one of the many places I buy both wool and needles . She might be willing to make a special mix of needles for you . I mostly use 40 but they say that 36 and 38 are faster . They sell a bunch of different holders but I started by making my own by wrapping the needle in two sided tape on the back side of scraps of leather ...others recommend making one of femo, if you have some laying around .

    The traded one of my sculptures for a 8 needle holder that has been the best time saving device for doing needle felted "fabric" ie laying down roving, as you would to wet felt, then needling it together just as you would with the soap and water . I'm not sure how long it would take to make a 12" by 6" (with 6" flap over hang)doing wet felting but it took me 10 hours of needle felting...not very practical for selling, but I "think" the texture of needle felting is softer and cushionier ? then wet felted ?
    May try and do a tutorial some day but I doubt many people want to spend 10 hours making a little bag, lol.

    Have a great felty day !

  5. Oops, forgot to give you the link to the store I get needles and wool at....It's on of the highest qualities of wool I've gotten anywhere, beautiful blends, colors and textures .




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