Monday, July 6, 2009

Out door photo shoot of needle felt

After procrastinating for the past year on taking out door photos to list items on Etsy, my BF finally "guilted" me into doing it yesterday . The weather was perfect, I didn't have a headache, no pending obligations to use as an excuse . So, I lugged several bags of my felted things out-side, set down my little decorative "tree stump" and white dollies and realized I had forgotten my camera tri-pod . I didn't want to leave everything there where some dog could run off with something wooly or carry it all back inside, so I went with out . That was probably why I only got a few usable shots out of the 123 I took . Many are a bit out of focus or blurry and will have to be retaken .

Besides learning that tri=pods are important, I also have looked at the out-door and "in-door by a window" shots and decided that they really aren't any better out side. I think the best shots I have gotten are...using a tri-pod by a window on a semi cloudy day .

1 comment:

  1. Wow. You are just so immensely talented. I really love your work.

    Just so you know, the blog post I wrote linking to your needle felted Furbies is my most read post. It gets hits all the time! People are very interested in them!



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