Friday, July 3, 2009

economic felting supplies and great instructions

The above book mark is another of my recent on-line hunting that I wanted to share . Although there are great sellers of felting fiber on Etsy, that is where I get the majority of my supplies, I also need a price break when I have experienced a fit of fiber frenzy and my bank account is getting low . This place doesn't have the beautiful blended rovings that I have bought on Etsy, but it is a great place to buy solid and pre-blend colors that are very nice . They also have some great PDFs on wet felting that I found very clear and helpful . I think I will try the ball technique to make a vessel some time soon .

I also found, yet another inspiration for making wet felted vessels that I want to share .

not only are her vessels fantastic but she makes some of the most beautiful glass beads I have ever seen . They are full of shimmer, color and texture . I think they would even put most cut gems to shame . Check her out...she's amazing !

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