Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do you have felting madness ?

Just a quick resource for anyone looking for some great looking fiber for spinning or felting . I haven't actually purchased from them yet (already way over my fiber budget this month), but I certainly will be back there next month .

I also copied(hope that was OK) something they had listed on the site that I can certainly relate to....

Do You Have Felting Madness?
Signs and Symptoms of Felting Madness

* You deny that you have felting madness
* You don't understand why everyone doesn't want to felt
* More than 50% of your friends are felters
* You find it difficult to stop felting after only one felting project
* More than once, you have felted until you passed out
* Fiber has taken over the second story of your home
* You have sworn, "I'm never going to felt again", but that only lasts a couple of days - at most
* You have woken up after felting in a strange place, but you don't remember how you got there
* You know the felting handshake
* You have started taking felting projects to work to felt during your workday
* You hide fiber from family
* You regularly complete more than seven major felting projects per week
* You shout, "The hunt was successful!", when you carry bags of fiber out from a fiber festival
* You are an active member of a felters 12-Step program

I would just add to that list....

You regularly find yourself paying rent a week late because you have spent more then allotted in your fiber budget

You have so much fiber that you can't find the one color you want when you need it

(And what is the felting handshake ?)

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