Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wet felting artist that inspire me

You have to check out her organic forms . I am blown away with her style and colors and I don't "blow away" easily ...(probably those extra 30 pds I put on in the past few years ?)

In spite of my absolute distaste for the feel of wet wool, hot water and soap, not to mention the rashes I seem to get from touching it...I really want to learn how to work with wet wool . Perhaps it will take me a few years to get up the nerve to actually attempt it, but with inspiration like Andrea Graham...I hope to some day venture there .

Another great artist who has me inspired by color and shape is....

I can't read a word of her blog but the pictures are amazing and do speak a thousand words .

Besides hunting out other fiber artists, I have also just spent the past 8 hours looking up information about using plants and natural dyes . I bookmarked another 40 sites that I wont be able to access because I can never recall their names to find them in my book marks..(there must be an easier way of keeping organized ) but it alludes me .

If you don;t have time to check their blogs today, I also have them in the blogs I follow on the right of this blog .

This is the artist that first interested me in natural plants used for dying....

She makes the most beautiful organic wool fabric using Eucalyptus leaves to dye it . I think I would love to try this project because I am in love the smell of Eucalyptus and the patterns she gets are eye candy...full of shapes and shadows .

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