Monday, August 3, 2009

When it rains it pours...a busy month of felting cuffs and bags

A sample of some of the brass I will be using to decorate my cuffs and bags . Thought some of them would make nice closures .

Some of the stones I plan on adding to the cuffs and bags, a bit of pressed amber, turqoise and lots of different types of Jasper..I love earthy jasper .

I still haven't finished "bunny girl" .Three full nights of felting on her outfit and adding paws and bunny hiney . She didn't turn out as planned but I think with ears, someone still might want to give her a home .


  1. You have been busy. Some beautiful colours.

    Your bunny girl has an amazing outfit, she'd definitely look good with ears although at first i thought the paws were bloody bandages, maybe if you changed the colour of the paw prints she would sell easier? But otherwise very lovely.

  2. Your right Jasmine, the poor girl does look like she has been in a horrible farm accident . The paw pads are actually a dark pink but I could try using a lighter pink . I'm just not sure that will help much as the problem is also one of proportion...paws are just to big and don't blend naturally as I had hoped . That is kind of a problem when trying to felt over a hard need a pretty thick layer of wool to felt well and not keep breaking needles .

    It's probably futile but I keep finding things at the thrift-store(lots of furbies and dolls that I'm afraid will end up in land fills, so I am trying to give them a second life with the felting . It's a lot harder to felt around a form then making something from scratch . Live in learn, I guess .

  3. Wow! amazing. Now I actually liked the disproportion in Bunny Girl - the outsized paws are fanciful. Looking forward to seeing her with ears.

    Always wonderful to see your work.

    Keep up the poking!

  4. I like the disproportion of the paws too, I think it will balance out when the ears are on. Had a lot of hospital appts recently so bandages etc are close to my mind x

  5. great to see something so original - I'm off to look in your shop.



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