Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry Dorthy, your not in Kansas any more

(I'm not sure how I managed it but I seem to be unable to "see" the photos when I am editing to write beneath them...Once again, I have been defeated by technology .)
That aside...
The first photo is a delicious birthday cake for my fathers birthday . It was served with some handmade ice-cream and some fresh strawberry and chocolate syrup...a suger overload but well worth it .

Also had my first taste of Gorgonzola cheese which I highly recommend for even the taste conservative as it was mild and creamy .

It was a great party celebrating both my fathers' and my brother Robs' birthdays . I am not including any family photos out of respect for their privacy (as well as having forgotten to turn on my flash...oops) .

The bird is a Dove that hangs out at Rob and his wife Dixies' house . Probably not very exciting to some, but I have never seen one "in the wild" and thought it was pretty neat .

The tan colored dog was just a neighbors' dog, who happened to be out walking and I couldn't resist giving this pony size critter a pet . They were both very nice .

The black lab belongs to my brother Dave and his wife Judy and is quit a clown and sure knows how to relax. We had several hours of playing and some fun walks together

We spent one afternoon walking around a local park where I spotted what I think is a swallowed tail butterfly, which you can see I became quit enamored with . I hope to incorporate into some of my needle felting soon, so I tried to get it a different angels .

Anyway, is was a wonderful trip and it was great to see my family again .

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