Friday, November 21, 2008

This is the new toy the publisher,printer and writer of "Eyes of Time" sent me to bind his books, an others I hope. Thanks William....not to complain, but an instructions booklet would have been a nice addition. He says it's a book case maker, but I put a book in there and nothing happened . Maybe I just need to learn the magic words ?

Actually, I love new toys. My first job was to clean all the old glue and nasty bits off, I like my metal shiny . Then I decide that I could probably use it to hold the book block in place to glue it "IF" it had some boards for the middle bit. So I found some old wood and drilled some holes and fastened them to the middle bit....this way, I can fan the pages to get a good glue spread on the spine(honestly, I sort of know what I'm doing ). The blacknob duhicky raises the whole block up, so I figure I will glue the spine then flip it so the gluey spine is suspended but clamped while drying. Normal people use a book press for this but normal people have money and space, so I think this will save on both .

Once the spine is dry, I can use this for it's intended purpose and use it for aligning the book boards and gluing the face pages to the front and back and suspend the whole thing from the middle bit and press it while it dries. I think he said the whole thing should only take about 5 min but I assume he is talking about a parallel universe, because it will take me that long just to make sure everything is totally squared up .

As a side note...Do you realise the the spell check does not recognise the term..."blacknob duhicky"...must have been designed by some none techy sort .
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  1. Oh my goodness, it impresses me how you make things work for you. This would have boggled my little brain. You Rock!

  2. Oo, I am jealous - but I'm glad you will be able to do this, you have the creativity to really do something special and wonderful with it - can't wait to see how the books turn out!



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