Saturday, November 22, 2008

Glorioushats made front page on !!

A dear friend and someone who has done the most to encourage me to keep making things for my Etsy shop....Glorioushats

Made the front page on Etsy last night. I tried to post a link to the screen shot but I was defeated by technology...again. So, at least I can post this link so you can see her wonderful felting and hats from her store. The featured hat was her red Transformer and it is eye catching. I also love her felted animal patch hats and cute felted electronics bags . You can visit her blog if you check my blog log on the right hand of the page . She always shares great crafting tips and You have to see her new's the cutest fluff ball ever .

So Jane of Glorious hats...hats off to you . (yeah, I like puns,lol) .


  1. Hey there, You are a most wonderful and thoughtful friend. Thanks for being so kind. My world is better with you in it. Hugs, Jane

  2. Jane is brilliant, isn't she?



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