Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Second Life in real life.....Part One

I am so excited. The author of "Eyes of Time" is sending me more book binding material...some beautiful leather to re-purpose for book covers. We are shopping around for the most appropriate paper and he thinks 100% cotton sounds nice. I would prefer something a bit more environmentally friendly...perhaps 30% cotton and recycled materials but with no wood pulp . I would arm wrestle him over this issues but he lives a few thousand miles away . Once we have all the materials, he would also like to offer our services...his printing and my book binding, to other authors who want to self publish. Right now, there are few services who do high quality book binding for a descent price. I think we can offer it for less.

I know, the economy is in a slump and this may seem like an absurd time to be starting a business , but how better to stimulate the economy then offering a product that is not mass-produced but made for each individual to suit their needs ? That's the small picture but the big picture is even crazier...put on your seat belts for this one.

We want to start a community for aspies . The research shows that, as a whole, we are often under-employed and under paid for our intelligence, education and skill levels. I believe that we are an untapped and under-utilized resource that sit like a sea of oil beneath the tundra .....(and we can be tapped with out harming the natural environment of the local denizens. ) We all come to the community with a unique set of skills and interests . What keeps us from achieving this in main stream, NT dominated society ? Well, some do, but for others, I believe it starts with an environment that is hostile to our sensory issues . This isn't done intentionally or maliciously, but because the majority tends to design an environment that is most compatible to their own and have little knowledge of other neurologies .

Another is social skills differences. Some aspies would prefer less or more social contact then they have. They are forced into more socializing by societal expectations and jobs, or given less chance for more socializing because others misunderstand their "differences" . Over 80% of human communication is non-verbal and innate to neurotypicals . Most people on the spectrum are missing out on a great deal of that communication. It can be "learned" but even that takes a great deal of time and effort and detracts from other social expectations. It's a bit like trying to juggle 3 oranges while doing the dishes...you may get both things done but it's going to take longer, will not be done as well and some of those oranges are going to get wet . To me, it makes sense that we tend to be verbose...it is our main resource for communicating . I think after an initial period of mass confusion, we will eventually find our own voices with each other.

OK...I have to shower and go to a staff meeting...don't you hate when life gets in the way of your "interests" ?


  1. You said "
    OK...I have to shower and go to a staff meeting...don't you hate when life gets in the way of your "interests" ? "

    Sure resonates with me!

    Gosh Krex, you sound so excited; and have such wonderful ideas and way of saying what you think.

    Do agree with your thought on the paper - cotton as I understand it came late; flax - linen was actually more prevalent earlier and at least in England was less expensive than cotton. Things changed after machines. Yet so much was recycled and reused so that portion is sound too.

    Best wishes with developing the community business aspect. Really admire your intelligence and plain ol spunk in working things out.

    Hugs, Jane

  2. I admire your bravery in seriously thinking about how such a community might work - I hope that your dream comes into fruition!

    Interesting idea about the flax - I hadn't thought of that before. I look forward to seeing what you do with that... wow!



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