Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A few things I made last week at work. Two more suede beaded pouches that I need to add straps to and 4 wrist cuffs made from some leather backed vintage fabric with large wooden button closures, glass and semi-precious beads. This isn't a very detailed picture but I will try and get some descent detailed photos for my shop this week. The cuffs are really comfy for someone like me, who has problems with most metal jewelry. Due to my own allergies and sensitivities, I am trying to develop some "aspie friendly accessories" for those who have similar problems with metal. Being that all aspie sensitivities are unique to that individual, it wont work for all, but I assume there are others who may like the pressure feedback from the cuff better then the tickly sensation of most hanging metal bracelets . I plan on making some " neck chokers" with the same effect...though I'm sure it would drive some aspies crazy...(Help, I'm choking), others of us like the sensory feedback of tight things to help our brains know where are bodies are in space. (OK, I know this probably sounds "crazy" to some NT's but hopefully I have a few aspie readers who know what I'm talking about ? )
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