Friday, November 21, 2008

A couple of finished cuffs. I made my own stone bead closures for these that attaches to an elastic cord so it is great for larger wrists . One side, teal vintage fabric...I'm thinking 1950's couch material ? (Something very nubby textured and a bit shiny .) This was sewn to some thick suede fabric after the top was beaded with some silver plated beads, glass, picture Jasper and deep red jasper . It's about two inches wide and would fit wrists from 7-8" comfortably .( The other little thingy is a leather beret . )
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  1. It is all pretty, special and unique. Am loving the cuffs especially. Wonderful textures and colors.

  2. I love those! The combination of the rich colors and textures are really yummy...



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